Effective Weed Control

Every gardener knows that weed control takes a lot of time and effort. Plants harmful to the garden, such as burdock, dandelion, horseradish, constantly interfere with the active development of healthy crops.

Experienced vegetable growers have developed several methods that will help to effectively eradicate weeds in summer cottages.

Work with land

A laborious, but effective way is to periodically dig the soil with a shovel or pitchfork. At the same time, ruthlessly manually you need to remove all weeds and rhizomes, which can be very powerful and occupy a large area on the site.

It is equally effective to plow the land with a cultivator or walk-behind tractor. The processing in this case will be deeper and will help uproot the roots, which are difficult to reach with hand tools.

Drug use

Some summer residents use special preparations, herbicides, to control weeds, but not everyone likes this method, since every vegetable grower wants to grow environmentally friendly products.

However, if there is a need to treat the soil with chemistry, you can use tools such as “Agrokiller”, “Glyphos”, “Ground” and others. It is important to use them correctly and observe the proportions indicated on the package. This will reduce the risk of over-saturation of the earth with chemicals.

Many gardeners struggle with weeds, covering their growing places with dense opaque material, for example, black film, agrofibre, cardboard, ruberoid. Plants devoid of light and nutrition will die, in addition, they are deprived of the opportunity to give seeds.

However, this method requires a long time, possibly several seasons, so the owners of suburban areas need to be patient. In addition, synthetics can release harmful substances into the soil.

Instead of a film or roofing material, you can use mulching materials such as wood chips, sawdust, fallen leaves, needles, tree bark. Such mulch should be covered with a thick, at least 10 cm, layer, which is desirable to ram.

Planting annuals and siderates

A simple and effective way to deal with weeds is not to leave free space in the summer cottage where these harmful plants could spread. It is possible to plant annual flowers, fast-growing vegetables, greens on empty areas.

Siderates are also suitable for this purpose – lupine, melilot, white mustard. An interesting and, according to experienced summer residents, an effective way to get rid of weeds is to treat the surface of the beds with a weak alcohol solution shortly before planting seedlings of vegetable plants (about a month) in the soil.

To do this, pour 150 ml of vodka (you can take the cheapest) into 1 bucket of water and carefully pour over the entire soil.

It is believed that after such treatment, the seeds of weeds will give quick and friendly seedlings, after which they must be destroyed by weeding.

Exhausting way

To massively destroy weed thickets, you can simply mow them to the very root. All grass needs to be destroyed, it is best to burn it or take it out of the site so that it does not have time to give seeds. Experts call this method exhausting – the calculation is made on the fact that the roots of weeds, in order to gain a new green mass, will expend vitality and will gradually die. Therefore, you need to mow the weed thickets regularly.

Single weeds (for example, those that grow in beds with vegetables) are recommended to regularly break off manually under the very root.

The main thing in the fight against harmful plants is to start work as early as possible, preventing them from growing and giving seeds.