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Getting Rid Of Stink Bugs Easily

Getting Rid Of Stink Bugs are some of the most annoying pests that can attack the garden or even home of an individual. They are mostly found in the gardens that have tomatoes. You do not have to live with these pests as there are some products as well as steps that can be followed to ensure that they do not do any damage.

Getting Rid Of Stink Bugs ā€“ Life Cycle

Start by learning about some of the life cycle and common habits of the stink bugs. It is important to note that the adult insects can survive for several years where they become dormant during the cold periods as they look for warm places where they will hibernate. The females can lay up to 100 eggs with a minimum of 30 meaning they attack a place in large numbers. These are also attracted to light and have sharp mouthparts that are used for sucking.

Second always try and make sure that the garden area is kept as clean as possible. This should be done by removing any weeds in the garden as the pests like to lay their eggs on plants. It is important to note that sealing cracks first defense against stick bugs should be practiced when you do not want them to enter a place. This is because they normally like to use cracks that are found in the house to gain entry without a problem. Sealing off all the cracks can help to make sure that they do not get into the house and is a great start at Getting Rid Of Stink Bugs.

Other than caulking, individuals can try out nontoxic methods that will be used to eliminate the pests. One of the ways that this can be done is through the use of row covers for crops like beans and peas. This allows you to handpick the bugs but you can also use a small hand vacuum that will be used to suck them in. After picking them, drown them in soapy water. You can also use yellow traps as they are attracted to this color. Make sure you start the way against them early enough so as the young ones also cause damage to the crops thus you should not only focus on the adults.

Getting Rid Of Stink Bugs ā€“ Research

The fact that US: Stink bug research continues, comes as a huge relief, especially to people who have dealt with the pests before as this means that experts are working towards coming up with more practical solutions that will be used to get, rid of the pests faster and more easily. In the meantime however, there are some people who have used strong insecticides to eliminate the bugs. This is where you have the option of either using them in dust or spray form. Carry out research to find the brands that actually work to make sure that you make a worthwhile purchase.

You should also make sure that the house is always prepared so as not to let the stink bugs in. When worst comes to worst and you are not able to find a way of Getting Rid Of Stink Bugs, call in a professional exterminator to do the job for you.

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