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Facts about the Invasion of Stink Bugs

Dealing with invasion of stink bugs is not an easy feat. Stink bugs are not only synonymous with their foul smell but they are also known to destroy agricultural crops across the globe. This is not a menace that is secluded to one area but rather, it is evidenced across the globe and this is what makes it an alarming issue. As people try to find ways of battling with invasion of stink bugs, it is ideal to look at some of the facts contributing to this growing menace. Some of these are as indicated below.

For starters, stopping invasion of stink bugs is not as easy as many people might be temped to think. This is mainly because they are known to hitch rides in cars, airplanes and other modes of transport. This makes it for them to move from one location to another and as such, leads to rapid invasion.

Stink bugs have a high reproduction rate and this is another aspect that increases the rate with which invasion of stink bugs spreads. For instance, the female bug, during perfect weather is known to hatch more than one hundred eggs. The bugs move around in search of perfect and safe locations where the eggs are attached to a surface and within a week’s time, they hatch. It is largely to this fact that is almost impossible to get rid of stink bugs.

Stink Bugs The Invasion

The invasion of stink bugs has led to numerous agricultural losses across the globe and they account for a large portion the losses recorded by farmers and especially those dealing in fruits and other juicy plants.

Stink Bugs A Blessing

Though there are places where invasion of stink bugs is considered a nuisance, there are other places where they are seen as a blessing. For instance, they are used in Mexican delicacies and their popularity is associated with the strong. In this case, they are known by many names some of which include xotlinilli, chumiles or jumiles among other names.

Stink bugs have the shape of shields and they the size of dimes. They are all armed with an odor and they are making life difficult for home owners by finding their way inside homes by crawling through available crevices, window sills and attic vents. They do this is large numbers and this has pushed many homeowners to resort to drowning them in soapy water, burning and in some instances using paper bags to suffocate them.

The worst part about this invasion of stink bugs is the foul smell they release whenever they get irritated or squashed. The season changes are by large what lead to invasion of stink bugs. This is noted when the temperature dips low, they are known to leave the outdoors and seek shelter indoors.

Experts claim that people should start getting used to seen bugs around since the invasion of stink bugs is juts starting and it is going to be a long time before anyone gets rid of them completely. Invasion of stink bugs is a real issue and it is for this reason that the importance of finding the best way to get rid of them cannot be overly stressed.

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