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Do They Make A Stink Bug Trap

Do They Make A Stink Bug Trap? Nothing is as annoying as having to deal with stink bugs. They can mess up your good times and be a major cause of frustrations and embarrassment. The good news is that you can get rid of them by creating a stink bug trap. These are a common addition and especially in areas where stink bugs are considered a nuisance. They have bodies that are shaped like a shield and brown color that appears speckled. These are known to live outdoors and while this is the case, they can seek shelter within your home and especially when the weather is cold. They find their way in through cracks in windows, doors and siding. Just as the name suggests, they give have a foul smell and an infestations is always undesirable. In other instances, though they might not manage to get inside your home, they will eat up plants within your garden.

Stink Bug Trap – Whats Needed

To get started on constructing a stink bug trap, you need the following supplies.

  1. Cardboard- It is preferable to make it two square pieces or larger depending on what works best for you.
  2. ¾ inch wood. This should be measure the same length as your cardboard.
  3. A staple gun. Procedure The procedure is simple and if followed to the letter, you can end up with a dependable stink bug trap. In this regard, you should follow through with the following.
  4. For starters, you have to staple at least 3 wood pieces to 1 of the selected boards. Make sure that one is at the outer edge the other should be placed at the middle while the last one should be on the other side of the edge.
  5. These boards should always be placed parallel to each other Staple the 2nd cardboard to the boards and make sure that they are lined up perfectly. At the end, the selected boards should end up sandwiched between the cardboard pieces. This will create a narrow space enough to allow the bugs to crawl in.

Stink Bug Trap – Using It

The trap should be placed tilted to the side of the house. With at least two of these, can catch as many bugs as possible and as such, reduce the menace. Make sure that you keep checking it after twenty four hours for the purpose of seeing whether there are bugs trapped inside. Most likely, there will be dozens of these annoying bugs and you can shake them off in plastic bags and dispose them. Alternatively, you can also opt to shake them off in a bucketful of water that contains ammonia. This is known to kill the bugs almost immediately. This process is easy and simple and you will rid yourself of these annoying insects. If you don’t have time to carry out the DIY project, you can also choose to buy stink bug trap. In this case however, you need to carry out thorough research and find traps that are effective and designed to deliver the best results. Regardless of what you do, make sure that you use the stink bug trap to your benefit.

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