Sunday, December 23, 2007

Check Out Lotus Note-ables!

Hi all...Hope you're all enjoying the holidays!

I frequently think of or run across Lotus related things that I'd like to post here, but I tend to hesitate, as I'd really like to keep Interface | Matters focused squarely on a specific topic. Since I'm also often toying with different technologies, I setup a new blog to capture these random thoughts. So, if you want yet another site to add to your RSS reader, head on over to Lotus Note-ables and check it out. :-)

I'll be including little snippets about Lotus Notes, and other Lotus products such as Quickr, Connections, Forms, etc. Sometimes I might include a little code (such as the pseudo-code formula language test post I made today).

The site is hosted on Tumblr, which is more like a micro-blogging site. Thus, there are no comments or fancy gadgets to get in the way...just a method for me to drop in quick thoughts. Hope to see you there.

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By Anonymous Rob McDonagh, at 6:13 PM  

Hey Chris,

Something's funky with the RSS feed - Google Reader claims it has no items (and won't let me add it), even though there are 5. Just a heads up...

By Blogger Chris Blatnick, at 10:53 AM  

Hey Rob...should be better now. I think their server was having some hiccups. I changed it over to a Feedburner feed since I like their service. Cheers!

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