Sunday, February 11, 2007

Quick Tip: Layers In Tabbed Tables

Color me (not so) surprised...we found a little issue with layers! :-D I have to give credit to Deborah Byrd, who brought this to my attention and pointed out the exact cause. She was having a problem placing a layer within a particular row in a tabbed table. I know I had done this before so I thought perhaps it was a version issue. I asked her to send me a copy of the form and sure enough, I was able to place a layer on the exact tab she wanted it in. I erroneously replied to her that I thought it was accomplished via the hack of creating the layer outside of the table and then pasting it in the appropriate tab. I sent it back to her, thinking how cool I was for figuring it out so fast! ;-D Ah...of course I should have known better. Turns out, when Deb tried to place the layer anchor where she wanted it, it wouldn't work! The problem was trying to place the anchor inside of a table that is nested in the tabbed table! You can put the layer anchor there, alright, but the layer seems to fall outside the table and doesn't respect the positioning of the tabs. Really weird! This was an unknown layer issue to me, so thanks to Deb for finding it. I hope this post helps you if you are having a similar issue. Cheers!

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By Anonymous Tom Franks, at 8:59 PM  


We found a problem here with forms with a layer inside a table where the code totally broke in a transition from 6.5.2/3 to 6.5.4. It displayed differently in the client and would crash designer until you deleted the anchor and started over.

If you want to toy with it to see how we hosed it up, I can send it to you.

By Anonymous Tom Franks, at 9:23 AM  

ps -
Hey, I meant to add that we all here at the old place are totally enjoying the stuff you are putting out here on the blog!

Thanks, and best of luck!

By Blogger Chris Blatnick, at 9:27 AM  

Hey Tom...You're not suggesting there are bugs in Notes are you? Blasphemy! ;-D hehe

These pesky differences between point versions are a real pain. So basically it worked OK in 6.5.2/3 but then was completely hosed in 6.5.4? After you deleted it and re-added it in the newer version did it work OK in the earlier point release? Any info you could share would be great. We'll have to put a db together just to track all the layer anomalies! :-) In any event, layers still are cool...

Thanks for the comment...I'm glad people are reading. Say hi to everyone! Cheers...

By Anonymous Tom Franks, at 8:15 PM  

The form still works in the client, it's just the area where the layer was is about 4x the height it displays as in the earlier client versions.

To delete the layer from the form, I basically had to crash the designer for each form. There was really no compelling reason to stick to layers in that form so I just "adjusted" the table a bit to achieve the same effect. (OK, so I cheated).

Bugs between releases? I'm more familiar with it in server code than the client. But, what the heck....I'd believe anything about notes at times. :)

By Blogger Nathan, at 11:50 AM  

That bug remains in 6.5.5, by the way

By Blogger janeg, at 3:48 PM  

Chris, is this just a v6 problem? I was able to create layers in nested tab tables in v7 with no problem. In a tabbed table, the trick was first to create another table within the tab and then position the layer.

By Blogger Chris Blatnick, at 8:48 PM  

@Jane: Maybe so...I'm sad to say I haven't even used v7 at all yet, so I'm not sure. It sounds promising that you were able to do that though.

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